Monday, 12 July 2010

The Question conference acceptance

Our submissions on 'The Question' have been accepted to the following conferences:

* DRHA2010 (Digital Resources for Humanities and Arts)

* MobileHCI2010 (Mobile Human Computer Interaction)

We may be doing a scaled down version of the installation (complete with Haptic Lotus) for the DRHA conference (in Brunel University). I'm sure that some hands-on technology will be accompanying the MobileHCI presentation (in Lisbon).

Both conferences are taking place in the first week of September.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Haptic Lotus in Wired

Technology magazine Wired have published an online article on The Question and the Haptic Lotus in their News and Culture section.

Written by one of the first attendees of the installation, the article speaks very favourable of the project and the haptic navigation device which I designed (with Paul O'Dowd and David McGoran) for the unique project.

"The Lotus device really does work, guiding you around rooms (and into the occasional wall). You have to work harder, but it's ultimately very satisfying to construct your own reality and story, using experiences that you yourself have to uncover and assemble."

An infra-red video of the reporter navigating the pitch black space accompanies the article.