Sunday, 27 January 2013

January Moombahton Mix

I've started trying to record a monthly DJ mix to put online. December was pretty hectic so this hasn't quite gone to plan so far. Regardless, here is my latest mix. This one goes across a spectrum of Moombahton, which is a relatively obscure brand of electronic dance music with lots of latin american / reggaeton influences. More info and tracklist can be found by following the link through to Mixcloud. As with much of my DJing, I've put quite a few bootlegs in here.

Bah-Mix-Vah4 - Stovetop Moombahton by Peludo on Mixcloud

The mix was made in one take on a couple of (somewhat flakey) second hand Numark Axis CDJs. You can download a mp3 of the mix at soundcloud.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Robot Collaboration with Juneau Projects

As part of my residency at the Pervasive Media Studio, I've begun a collaboration with Juneau Projects, the current artists in residence at the Watershed in Bristol.

Juneau projects create very interesting paintings, sculptures, installations and performances related to nature and technology, as can be read in this article in The Guardian. They began their residency with an interest in using robotics and AI to create artwoks. Following a conversation, where I mentioned my work on the Dada robot with Justin Windle, they asked me to help create a drawing robot that, though it's own emergent behaviour, would create interpretations of images that they had created.

I started work on the project on at the start of Janaury and 11 days later, after our first collaborative integration session (which nearly resulted in me killing my laptop!), we had our first image out of the prototype robot, using protoype test code, as tweeted by Juneau Projects:

"Our robot arm's just done it's first drawing. We're very proud parents. Well done robot! "

Believe it or not, the robot was asked to draw a square. For reasons that are a bit too long to explain right now, the resulting blob can be regarded as a success.

The final robot and an associated film will be shown at 31st Jan at the artists in residence wrap up event, at the Watershed (Bristol Hardbourside) where the other artists in residence, Geiger Muller Soundsystem will also be presenting their work. I'll be in attendance (probably fixing the robot!). You can book tickets (£4 including a drink) here

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pervasive Media Studio Residency

It's been pretty quiet around the Ad Lab recently, and generally that means that either I've been very lazy or very busy. It's definately the latter.

Since the last post, I was invited (in August 2012) to become a hot-desk resident of the wonderful Pervasive Media Studio (PMS) in Bristol, which has allowed me to formalise my creative technology work while being surrounded by some very interesting people and projects. You can see my studio profile here.

Since starting at the PMS I've begun an exciting collaboration with their resident artists, which I'll report on in another post. I've also given a public talk as part of their 'lunch time talk' series, detailing some of my work in medical haptics alongside the origami foxes, Dada and Milk Pixel. You can read the write up of the talk here.