Sunday, 27 January 2013

January Moombahton Mix

I've started trying to record a monthly DJ mix to put online. December was pretty hectic so this hasn't quite gone to plan so far. Regardless, here is my latest mix. This one goes across a spectrum of Moombahton, which is a relatively obscure brand of electronic dance music with lots of latin american / reggaeton influences. More info and tracklist can be found by following the link through to Mixcloud. As with much of my DJing, I've put quite a few bootlegs in here.

Bah-Mix-Vah4 - Stovetop Moombahton by Peludo on Mixcloud

The mix was made in one take on a couple of (somewhat flakey) second hand Numark Axis CDJs. You can download a mp3 of the mix at soundcloud.

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