Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pervasive Media Studio Residency

It's been pretty quiet around the Ad Lab recently, and generally that means that either I've been very lazy or very busy. It's definately the latter.

Since the last post, I was invited (in August 2012) to become a hot-desk resident of the wonderful Pervasive Media Studio (PMS) in Bristol, which has allowed me to formalise my creative technology work while being surrounded by some very interesting people and projects. You can see my studio profile here.

Since starting at the PMS I've begun an exciting collaboration with their resident artists, which I'll report on in another post. I've also given a public talk as part of their 'lunch time talk' series, detailing some of my work in medical haptics alongside the origami foxes, Dada and Milk Pixel. You can read the write up of the talk here.

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