Friday, 22 February 2013

Infocolypse Stack Opening

Juneau Projects' Infocolypse Stack, featuring the drawing robot I created in collaboration with the artists, opened at the Ceri Hand Gallery in London last night. Here are some pictures:

The pictures on the wall were drawn by the robot (at the command of the artists) then painted by the artists

Drawing a beast

Full house!

Musical performance by Juneau Projects using neon robots

Laser cut sculpture

Live drawing

The robot's home and workplace for the next month

Very near the Tate Modern

Working hard

The turn out was incredible, you literally couldn't move for people. The robot was also well recieved and was drawing away all night. It will in fact be drawing continuously for the length of the exhibition, which runs from 22nd February to 23rd March. This will certainly be a test of the actuators (and my software).

I discovered, after returning to Bristol from the opening event, that Wired have written a nice article on the robot.

Here's are some details of the exhibition, which is in the newly opened Ceri Hand gallery, near the Tate Modern. Admission is free.

The collaboration was generously supported by the Watershed, Bristol and was carried out as part of my residency at the wonderful Pervasive Media Studio. You can watch a video documentary detailing the collaboration on my website.

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