Wednesday, 10 October 2007

DS Homebrew

Discovered this great gadget awhile ago (but quiet at work today so I discovered it a bit more). Its a RoboDS which seems to be the pre-built application of the DSerial2 cart.

Was thinking of getting into arduino as PICs are a pain to source and the MPLAB environment isn't as friendly as processing. This might sway me though as the DS would make a great development platform (its already got sound, a screen for debugging and a touch screen for an interface!) Not sure how much memory you have to play with but an SD adaptor in the other (front) game slot could solve this for $40 (and I already have a DS - bonus!).

Of course the temptation to play Zelda when things are getting bad would require some hefty will power. It would also be rather gutting to see both screens permenantly blank out after accidently pouring in 10V.

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