Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Goodbye Reactor

The Boom

The Reactor - note robot on right

Today is my last day working on Remote Handling at the Joint European Torus (JET). I've certainly learned alot about large scale applied robotics in this very unique environment. The size, precision, man-in-the-loop feedback, Human-machine-interfaces and large forces involved in the systems here are much greater than anything I'd come across while working at a University (something to do with funding perhaps).

In the words of my current boss 'they struggeled to keep me stimulated' which is why its onwards to the PhD...

Interestingly the anthropomorphic robot here (you can see it with its arms folded in the above image) has a limited range of abilities (though much greater than any robot I'd seen elsewhere) so tools are specially designed and adapted to be used by this system. In my PhD I'll be doing the opposite and attempting to get a humanoid robot to move like a human and therefore be able to use human tools.

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