Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Ad in a book (new and used)

Have just discovered that one of my papers has been published in a book available from Amazon for $180 -$539 (here is the link). The editor was the chair at a conference on Augmented Cognition that I presented at in 2005.

Here is the blurb:

"Bringing together a comprehensive and diverse collection of research, theory, and thought, this volume builds a foundation for the new field of Augmented Cognition research and development. The first section introduces general Augmented Cognition methods and techniques, including physiological and neurophysiological measures such as EEG and fNIR; adaptive techniques; and sensors and algorithms for cognitive state estimation. The second section discusses Augmented Cognition applications such as simulation and training, intent-driven user interfaces, closed-loop command and control systems, then goes on to explore lessons learned to date, and future directions in Augmented Cognition-enabled HCI."

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Guy Gregory said...

I think I'll wait till it's out in paperback...