Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ad!dict Inspiration Book

The Enactive Torch, is being featured in a book: 'Ad!dict Inspiration' book #29: 'in.tangiable.scape.s'

Here is the blurb: Addictlab's 29th Inspiration book comes out next week! Called In.Tangible.Scape.s, it's about emerging technologies and the vision of creative people from all over the world on that topic. Supported by IMEC, and collaborations from MOMA NY, Design Incubator centre Singapore, Domus Academy Italy, and many more...

The book is a beautifully presented collection of some very interesting and eclectic work across creative design, fashion and technology and we are very pleased to be included. Click here to preview the book (the article is on page 71 of the electronic preview or page 69 of the book).


Pete said...

Nice one. Looks like an interesting book. Hope your getting a hard-copy for yourself!

En langsom tenker. said...

Hi, well done. It is very well presented in the text, it is well written. I hope to see a hard-copy of the book when I am back in the lab next month.

Jan Dyre