Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sensory Augmentation Workshop

I will be demonstrating the latest Enactive Torch (ET3) at the Key Issues in Sensory Augmentation Workshop at the University of Sussex (26-27th March).

The event aims to bring together researchers from various fields in order to address the following three questions:
  • Are there rigorous techniques that can characterise the subjective experience of using sensory augmentation technology?

  • How can empirical experiments with sensory augmentation devices be used to further philosophical and psychological enquiry into cognition and perception?

  • What technologies are available for building sensory augmentation devices?

I will also be helping to run a technical workshop on constructing your own sensory augmentation device using my favourite open-source platform, the Arduino

This event is free to attend though you must follow the participation instructions on the e-sense project page.

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