Wednesday, 11 March 2009

PhD topic in 'The Engineer'

An Article by my co-supervisor, Prof. Chris Melhuish, has been featured in The Engineer. The article highlights some of the issues in humanoid robot control that we are trying to achieve at BRL and features a picture of the BERT robot that I work with. Unfortunately the article cannot be read online.

While searching for an online copy of the new article I discovered that last July a description of my PhD research, written by my supervisor Dr Guido Herrmann, was also published in the same magazine:

'There are two levels to the control project,' said Herrmann. 'In the first, the robot operates like a machine in a production line. You can tell a robot to move a cup from a height of 0m to 0.4m, for instance. The second, operating on top of the machine motion, is a controller to create movement that is very human-like.

'The best way for a human to move is to minimise the muscle effort, and that's what we want to implement in robots. So we must measure that in humans and model it for our robots.'

The full July article can be read here:

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