Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I recently took part in Rider Spoke which is currently being held in Bristol (with the Arnolfini as the hub) an event that combines Ubiquitous computing with cycling. As a cyclist and geek I was in.

Here is a blurb from the Blast Theory website:

'The audience can take part either either on their own bike or borrow one supplied by Blast Theory. Following a short introduction and a safety briefing you head out into the streets with a handheld computer mounted on the handlebars. You are given a question and invited to look for an appropriate hiding place where you will record your answer. The screen of the device acts primarily as a positioning system, showing where you are and whether there are any hiding places nearby. The interface employs imagery drawn from Mexican votive painting, sailor tattoos and heraldry: swallows flutter across the screen to show available hiding places, prefab houses indicate places where others have hidden.'

I thought the game was enjoyable but it could of done with some context, and I seemed to come across quite a dark set of questions and answers compared to my girlfriend, which probably affected my enjoyment of the experience. We tried the game on it's first few days after opening (such things book up quickly in Bristol) but it would be nice to try it again at the end of the week when more answers have been recorded.

The novely of having a little Nokia computer on your handlebars is very cool too (though it's only held onto it's bracket with velcro - I was convinced it would fall off or get stolen).

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